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In the Flaneur Walks Pamphlet Series, writers create poetic/conceptual walking tours of the cities in which they live in order to guide readers through a re-exploration, re-habitation and re-experiencing of their urban space.  Readers purchase the pamphlets /maps and take the tour as the writers instruct.  Eye opening, interactive, and fun.

This Is You Here Now

Come to the Launch Party Weekend and take the walk with Julie in person.

Screw rose-colored glasses! Try hot pink ones, and maybe wear a bear suit. Julie Mannell's This Is You Here Now, is beautifully vulnerable but never shy, and it's these two qualities that guide readers through a Montréal they otherwise may never have known. Traverse posh neighborhoods as a nanny, tiptoe quietly through the cathedral with your junkie lover, drink a peanut butter milkshake, and slump down in the best seats on the bus. No matter where she takes you, Mannell's x-ray vision and poignant insight will make you laugh as your heart shatters. Slightly disorienting, but life can't all be one shiny car ride.

$7.95 US/ $10.00 CAD

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Julie Mannell is a Montreal-based writer of prose, poetry, and essays, originally from Fonthill, Ontario. Mannell currently writes for The Huffington Post, and her work has appeared in several journals, magazines, and textbooks. She is the recipient of the Lionel Shapiro Award for Excellency in Creative Writing and The Mona Adilman Poetry Prize. Mannell founded the McGill Creative Writing Society where she facilitated workshops and panels for three years. In 2012 Roseanne Barr gave Mannell the Vagenius Award.

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